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Manly Village Medical is a friendly, private-billing General practice clinic located in the heart of Manly Village on  Brisbane’s Bayside.

Our Services

Our doctors are highly qualified, specialist general practitioners and trained to deal with any medical concern you may have.   You can be assured that you will receive top quality care.

photo of a doctor talking to a male patient

Men’s Health

We are passionate about supporting men in managing their healthy living, physically and emotionally, in a busy and sometimes challenging world....

photo of a doctor talking to a female patient

Women’s Health

We offer help and advice on a wide range of medical issues affecting women today, including those that impact on your emotional wellbeing as well as y...

photo of a doctor examining an elderly patient

Health Check and Assessments

As part of our Preventative Health program, we offer free health checks for eligible patients in the 45-49 year old age group & patients 75 years and ...

photo of a doctor examining a mole

Skin Checks

You skin is actually the biggest organ you have – so let us help you look after it. Skin cancer is a prevalent disease in our community and not spec...

photo of a doctor examining an patient

Chronic Disease Management & Care Plans

All patients who have a chronic health disease are eligible for a specially designed management plan, designed by your GP to help reduce identified he...

photo of a doctor vaccinating a child

Childhood Vaccinations

Vaccinations are critical to a child’s protection from disease. It is the safest and most effective way to stop the spread of many of the world’s ...

photo of a doctor with a patient

Mental Healthcare

Around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety each year. Mental health may affect a person's ability to interact...

photo of a doctor taking blood from a patient

Pathology Services

When determining the treatment for an illness, your doctor will often require information regarding changes in body tissue, blood or other body fluids...

photo of a fees and rebates form

Recall System

Our practice is committed to preventative care. Here at Manly Village Medical we offer a recall system for our patients....

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